Since 2003, Private Workout has specialized in private personal training and indoor bootcamps in Dallas, Plano, Irving and Flower Mound.  Over 24,000 Groupons sold. 4.7 star rated. 

Our Certified Personal Trainers have developed a fast 25 minute 4 week FITNESS CHALLENGE workout of jumping jacks, pushups, cardio, resistance training & stretching.  214-415-3773

Last day! Feb 21st only!

4 week FITNESS CHALLENGE $1/workout

It's just $1 each for up to 24 indoor workouts, no excuses, it's SPRING, it's time to workout!

Come do up to 24 workouts in 4 weeks for just $1 each workout (reg $99).  Do our 25 minute workout which is a mix of jumping jacks, pushups, stretches, cardio and resistance training developed by our Certified Personal 


Includes 90 minute first session with a personal trainer to analyze body fat, explain the science behind our workout, and teach you the form for each exercise and how to do the workout.

Workouts every 30 minutes from 8am to 8pm most days. Rated 4.75 stars, 30,000+ customers. Regularly $99 only one special/ customer per calendar year please!  Purchase first workout online for just $1 then go to Book Appointment

REVIEWS    1455 online reviews:

Testimonial from our client

Quickest 25 Minutes of My Life

My favorite thing about Private Workout is that the 25 minute workout passes by so quick, and you get the same results as working out for 90 minutes in a big gym. As a student that is very valuable to me. Thanks Private Workout. Oh and love the privacy and great machines.

Jen P. Plano, TX

Testimonial from our client

Probably one of the best gyms I've ever had

I am impressed with the knowledge and equipment this place has brought into my life. As a fellow personal trainer, I know this system will definitely help everyone reach their goal.

Claudia H. Dallas, TX

Testimonial from our client

"I'll be back!" 

The staff is friendly and get to know you after just a couple visits. They explain the machines pretty well, too. There are also showers, lockers and a big TV. 

The whole thing is designed very efficiently and they hit all your muscle groups. You are WHOOPED by the end of it (if you really brought it), but it goes by so fast. The whole time, you're writing down your reps on their sheet they give you and learn what to increase the next time you're there.

They have a pretty unique setup, in that your workout really is private. You do three rounds on one machine in a small room with two doors (entry and exit), keep going on the third round until you hear the recording of a guy shouting "Go! Go! Go!" then move on to the next machine in the adjacent room. Three rounds on that machine, then on to the next room. Repeat. Repeat. And repeat until you're done (I think there are around 12 rooms or so).

First of all, to avoid confusion, the focus here is weight circuit training. They do have cardio equipment (treadmills, ellipticals, etc.) and free weights, but the goal is to turn fat into slim muscle through "bootcamp."

My wife and I bought a LivingSocial for eight weeks of bootcamp and two personal training sessions here. The goal? To get pumped like Arnold. Not really, but we're five weeks into it and actually loving it.

"I'll be back!"

Dirk N.

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$13/mo until 99 workouts done, then $3.33/mo!


Come do 99 GO-GO Fitness workouts for just $13/mo and we drop it to just $3.33/mo when you are done.  Can you do it?  71% of our Contestants have!  It is a 25 minute workout which is a mix of jumping jacks, pushups, stretches, cardio and resistance training developed by our Certified
Trainers. Workouts every 30 minutes from 8am to 8pm most days. Rated 4.75 stars, 30,000+ customers. 

Reserve your place with $20, which covers a personal training session to teach you the workout, explain the science behind it, and do a body fat analysis.  Buy now then book your orientation on this site.

6 wk Gut Buster BootCamp©


Come do up to 36 Boot Camps in 6 weeks for just $149 ($20 on Groupon). Do our 25 minute Boot Camp which is a mix of jumping jacks, pushups, stretches, cardio and resistance training developed by our Certified  
Trainers. Boot camps every 30 minutes from 8am to 8pm most days. Rated 4.75 stars, 30,000+ customers. Only one PW special per customer per calendar year please!



For those who want something special and different from the large crowded national gyms, this high-end fitness boutique is owned and operated by Certified Personal Trainers who have developed private group workout classes that get you fit up to 12 times faster than normal fitness classes.*

Since 2003, Private Workout© has trained over 30,000 customers on a 25 minute assembly-line style cardio/strength circuit training boot camp workout similar to what pro athletic teams use that gets fast results! 

While we may have up to 15 in a class, unlike other gyms, each person trains in a series of private rooms, so no one watches you, or asks you questions, and you never wait for equipment.  Get into the workout zone and you can be in and out in 30 minutes.

Let us teach you how to get in shape doing our personal trainer-designed Boot Camps on professional grade equipment in an assembly-line style series of private rooms that get your heart rate into the cardio zone, restore lost muscle all over, and is designed to RESTORE and BOOST your metabolism so your body burns more calories each day.

A 25 minute Zumba, kickboxing, Pilates, Barre, cycling, treadmill or other cardio class burns a maximum of 225 calories and a maximum of 10 lbs of fat none thereafter.  After a 10 lb fat loss, it becomes a "maintenance program" that keeps you at the same weight.

Our classes can burn up to 1,000 calories and are designed to restore lost muscle as well.  Rebuild lost muscle and it restores your metabolism so your body burns more calories each day whether you workout or not.  We have had customers burn up to 70 lbs their first year.* 

*Results will vary based on your attendance, effort and adherence to the plan and protein recommendations 

For ages 14+ those under 21 must have parent attend orientation.

One more thing... we have up to 15 people in a class, but unlike big gyms, this workout is done in a series of private rooms so no one watches you, and everyone moves at the same time so you never wait for equipment!

-No appts required after orientation visit

-Up to 6 workouts/week for 6 weeks

-30,000+ customers since 2003

-Created by Certified Personal Trainers

-Classes every 30 minutes

-Up to 15 people per class

-Private Workout means no "watchers" 

-1st visit trainer instructs you

-Full body workout TARGETS mid section
25 minute cardio/strength class

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Book Orientation Appointment

Each new person books a 60 - 90 minute appointment (depending on how many questions you have!) where we will:

  • evaluate your body fat and you set fitness goals
  • explain the science behind why our workout gets results up to 12 x faster
  • teach you the form for each exercise so you don't have to watch others
  • teach the workout you have chosen: 6 week #instachallenge, Gut Buster Boot Camp, Speed Slimming, Speed Toning..

Just pick a day, and pick a location, and pick a time...